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December 22, 2006

Constant crashing

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 10:50 pm

Every time I hear my hard drive “thrashing” I know I’m about to crash.  99% of the time I hear SL trying to access it’s cache file, so it can load up textures, or whatever it needs to load up, it crashes.  Why does my hard drive have to “thrash” for this shit?  I even does this when I load up someone’s profile, and it used to crash doing that a couple months ago.  Is the SL Viewer’s cache system fucked up, or what?

Every time I want to look around using my free camera controls, it lags, frame rate goes to shit, and sure enough the sound of my hard drive “thrashing” and boom, crash report dialog comes up. On slower machines (or when I’m doing stuff in the background) this gets worse and crashes are more frequent.

There’s talk on the SL blog about changing how the client and grid communicate. “this project enables the simulator and viewer to communicate using a collection of standard technologies: TCP, HTTP, SSL/TLS and XML”  So this means they were using non-standard protocols communicating over the Internet? What the FUCK was it using before, carrier pigeons? I mean seriously there’s only two ways to send data packets over the Internet; TCP and UDP.  Everything else is enclosed into those protocols packets.

The crashing problem seems to be with the viewer it self.  Maybe my windows cache file is getting filled up, but I clear out SL’s cache often.  Also I’m still having problems with my connections just DYING after my system goes idle for a while (like after logging off SL, or closing my BT client)… DNS just fails left and right.  Some times firing up another Internet app seems to wake it up.  Don’t know if any of these problems are related at all.  Ah well.


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