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December 1, 2006

Situation Normal, All Fucked Up!

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Since the last update to SL, everything hasn’t been right. Issues with the database server is causing normal function of SL to not work. You can’t buy anything, sell anything, teleporting is flaky. I haven’t had any business since the update because just giving someone money isn’t working. I can’t even drop 10L into a slot machine to gamble half the time.

This seems to be the new status quo of things half-working, extended periods of logging in, and sim crashing. Now we add in what I mentioned above and we have a new low in service performance. And I just love how the Lindens make announcements that everything is fix, except for areas that are still experiencing it.

Why do the Lindens have to make announcements that so fucking obvious to everyone. Hours after any problems arise they popup a blue message telling you what you already fucking know. By then you’re fed up, and log out.

This is the main reason why I haven’t made in any money. Besides the technical reason why I can’t make money (since no one can GIVE me any) people are fed up with the bullshit and don’t login. It’s getting fucking BORING out there. No one to talk too.. no one to hire me.. no one to tip me… no one to even TALK to.

So fuck it.. I’m gonna take a nap, besides I have a bit of a flu bug anyway.

Small update to this on going problem.  Note cards are getting corrupted.  At least the ones I use in my escort adverts that have pictures, landmarks, and other notecard links embedded into the notecard you get from the advert.

What’s worse, when I saw this problem I decided to re-do it all last night.  I even reorganized my inventory and made so-called “master copies” of my documents even putting dates on them, and clicking SAVE, and my client just POOFED.   It crashed with no fan-fair. I clicked the save button on my note card document I was proof reading for the umpteeth time, and a moment later I was staring at Firefox that I had running in the background.  I didn’t touch anything, no error dialog boxes came up, no sounds were played, nada.  After running SL again it then came up with the crash logger, and I sent in the report.

So when I got back on, all the changes I did to the notes I made, and even the changes I made to my inventory didn’t keep at all.  ARG!

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  1. I’m sure things will get worked out, but if you happen to see me on I’m always available to talk, hun.

    Comment by Vauldon — December 3, 2006 @ 8:06 am

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