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November 17, 2006

CopyBot Part II

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 10:33 am

Now there are claims that a new version of this copybot can copy everything. Some how it can grab full textures, scripts, and other content inside prims. Yeah right. It sounds like everyone else is feeding into this rumor frenzy which is just upsetting more users. It’s very possible that the copybot doesn’t exist, and all this media hype, gossip, forum chatter, and (ahem) blog postings is what’s really making developers panic and close shop. Now I do believe the copybot exists, but I don’t believe it can do everything people are rumoring it to do. Stop adding to the hype!

Not that it isn’t impossible for the copybot to “copy everyting” but it’s not being done using the SL script language; not all by it self and it sounds like you have to babysit the entire process. The only real way this thing could work would have to be an application running on a local PC while logged into SL. No script can possibly be able to read in all this information, since there is no way to call for this data from within the SL viewer.

However all information must be preset somewhere on your computer for everything to be displayed in the viewer in the first place. So either they have a background application that’s hooking into the SL viewer looking at everything in memory, and/or they are packet sniffing data from SL and extrapolating information from that to create copies. But this seems like a cumbersome way of doing this.

The point is the copybot is not as simple as getting a script running it and having it copy stuff while you sip your coffee. The only scripting that’s involved is REZing the new object that later must be altered to mimic the object being copied.

Also consider the fact that since the anti-copybot scripts that are flooding everywhere can only affect the copybot script that REZES the copy. Whatever is grabbing the data and object assets can’t be stopped by some lame scripts yelling out !quit every 10 seconds. Once the data is collected it can be kept somewhere, and the copycat user can just login elsewhere and build a copy of whatever they want using their collected data.

Lets assume that the copybot is able to copy textures, sounds, and animations. Scripts and notecards are easily copied with out having to pay for it, but all other assets must be uploaded to the grid and pay the 10$L fee so that this material can be used. In a small way Linden Labs is benefiting from this.

Another thing is the bot will not organize these assets for you. This means a lot of manual editing of everything you’ll get from a copybot. This is far too cumbersome and too much work involved for any object that’s remotely complicated in its design. Plus even if you give the benefit of the doubt on what the copybot can do, it’s still going to cost you money and a lot of manual editing to make a copy of something, and have it functional.

The copybot fiasco is still overblown. Everyone get back to your normal second lives.


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