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November 16, 2006


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I never even HEARD of a copybot until AFTER people started using these annoying spamming anti-copybot scripts that are supposed to stop these copybots. Why the fuck should everyone have to suffer from these spamming fucking script that say “!quit” constantly? And they also say “please click me so you don’t get spammed” (something to that effect) yet you have no fucking clue where it is.

So I started to check out the SL forums about the copybot, and simply did a keyword search for it. There were two main threads that made a lot of sense about this and I also belive this is blown all out of proportion.

Here’s a link to one thread that I found very informitive.

A copybot is capible of copying any rezed object. All it does is look at each prim and copies the parameter data of each prim (size, shape, twist, angle, bla bla bla) from what you see from the EDIT box.

It’s not copying the prim, it’s building a NEW prim and forming it using the same parameter edit box data. It CAN NOT copy contents inside said prim, nor can it copy the texture of it properly. It gets the texture KEYS from the existing prims, but not the acctual object texture that can be placed in one’s inventory. You can do this your self just copying the numbers into a prim you’ve made. This copybot script just does it faster.

Also nealy all objects are composed of hundreds of prims. So whoever is making a copy of an object has to put all the prims together them selves. Copybot comes with NO instructions, requires two simulataneous logins to operate, doesn’t work on no-build land, or land which doesn’t have enough available prims for the build to be made. Seems rather useless tool to me.

Of course everyone has to take this to extreme end.. even to the point where there has been online meida coverange that even further blows this out of proportion calimg that the SL economy will fall appart because of the copybot. It’s nice to know that the media still is totally fucking clueless about how things work (epspeically techinology) yet everyone takes thier word as gospel, since most people are morons anyway and don’t know any better.

Stores are closing because they belive they are being robbed, and everyone else is deploying these fucking annoying anti-copybots in thier parcles to stop anyone from copying thier stuff. Even people who DON’T RUN STORES, which I find to be an EXTREMELY paranoid act from users won’ doin’t even MAKE nor sell the stuff they have on thier parcles. Not like they are going to lose money like developers are.

Plus it’s not like this hasn’t happend before. Copybot just makes it quicker. Plus there have been organizations with in SL who’s purpose was to “copy” things that exist in game. Quoting from Talarus Luan forum post:

Copiers have been around for some time now. There are in-world copiers (Jeffrey Gomez’ Prim Mirror and derivatives), SLProxy copiers, as well as cache copiers. There’s been more than enough infringement going on, almost since inception, that caused enough hyperbole to be expended to launch Mt’ Everest at the Moon. Yet, SL is still here and growing. More content creators than ever, people making money hand over fist. Where’s all the infringement that is gonna kill SL? Where? Yeah, it is there; I have no doubt.

Extremely well said, and proves that this is indeed blown out of proportion. I do understand how wrong the copybot is. I’m not here to defend the copybot, but PLEASE everyone is going overboard about this. Everyone has gone ape shit over this. Thowing techie words like “DRM” into the mix which has nothing to do with second life. Some people like to sound smart when they toss in bullshit like DRM, DMCA and the like. These people need to be smacked. The value of the L$ went DOWN a huge amount since about Tuessay because of the retarded mass panic that went on from this.




  1. Well done, clears up a lot of shit, Like JK Labs closing in disgust over copybots stealing his stuff. I was a bit more than pissed because I got one of his AO’s for an alt and tried it out, missed it for my main (MK) and he is gone pfft ! So he was over reacting or is there some secret shit going on like somebody stealing scripts, aint AO’s a bunch of scripts ? Is it really true people are THAT paranoid that they close up shop for imaginary bullshit… I am disgusted if people are that panicked, especially people capable of scripting/creating excellent content… SL savants…. ?

    Comment by mk Hartnell — July 14, 2008 @ 6:30 pm

  2. people jump ship on any number of things. If the UI turns into a purple color in the next version, someone will quit playing over that.

    AO’s are mostly about the animations and poses, the script it self is unimportant since you can get the scripts for free and make you own AO using your own animations/poses you have.

    BTW you’re responding to a really old blog post, nearly a year old. Copybots aren’t really a big thing anymore ATM.

    Comment by hugsalot — July 14, 2008 @ 10:54 pm

  3. Uhh Okay seriously Copybotting is not just “Copying” it steals textures from incoming packets from Second Lifes server including sculpted textures and other assorted things (skins, shapes)

    If you were a builder you might have some sympathy for people who are having their whole store stolen and then given away freely among users

    Comment by Songs — July 18, 2011 @ 9:05 pm

    • I know exactly what a copybot is, And yes it does simply just COPY an object in world (they do not copy scripts or any contents IN an object).. But “copying” is the essence of what a copybot does. To me, “stealing” means the original owner no longer has the object. But that’s just semantics.

      You’re exaggerating on how they work. “Steals textures from incoming packets from the server” No shit? How the hell ELSE would it get a texture? Your SL viewer gets textures from packets from a server.. DUH! That’s how ALL DATA is transferred on the internet. It’s not like these copybots are “hacking” into the SL servers to get these illicit packets. They connect to the grid like any other viewer, using an avatar login. Don’t make it sound like it’s more complicated than it is. Maybe you’re the one that doesn’t know what a copy bot is?

      And yes, I am a builder, and I know exactly why copy bots are a “bad thing” but like in a previous reply above, it’s not a big deal as it was before, considering I posted this almost FIVE years ago, and the last comment was over THREE years ago.

      Comment by hugsalot — July 19, 2011 @ 2:24 am

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