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October 11, 2006

Learn to build and edit you retards!

Filed under: Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 7:07 am

Typical wanna-be shemale noobtardAnother annoying thing I see all too often are users who can’t wear their attachments proper. Especially prim hair that’s too small for their head, and they seem oblivious to the bald spots around their head, or their wide foreheads like rejects from “hair club for men.”

Please people, check out the events page, and find a basic builders class so you can learn how to edit and adjust thier shit so they don’t look like inbred retards.

One last thing that’s bugging me. What the hell is with female avatars with common male first names? “but I can’t change my name…” oh shut the fuck up, just make an alt avatar dumbass.

I’m also sick of seeing these wanna-be shemale noobs with that godawful cock attachment that looks like it’s made of plastic and the head looks like the end of a Q-tip. Seems like every noob gets a copy of this thing, and they walk around with it attached like they are proud of it as IF the rest of us will be attracted to it. Check out the noobtard in this image.. attractive eh?  Not!

What’s worse this particular noobtard is already a month old, and still looks like complete n00b SHIT. Plus “it” annoys people constatnly by bumping into people or asking for sex with out as much as a polite hello. The name this avatar has is typical adolecent sophmoronic name, so you sort of expect this kind of behavor. I’ll probably ban this dipshit from the Palace/Garden if “he” keeps it up.


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